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Contemporary Problems of Social Work

ISSN (Online)  2412-527X 

ISSN (Print)  2412-5466

Frequency of publication: Once a quarter

The Journal has been created to highlight current problems with emphasis on their sociological interpretation without excluding, however, the interdisciplinary research addressing the theoretical, methodological and applied approaches. We hope to help integrating Russian Science into the global one, providing the peer-reviewed articles in
English, in accordance with international standards. The editorial Board invites you to join our Journal to share the results of your researches, your thoughts, your
experience, and your data with all the readers. We hope, that esteemed researchers may find possible not only to provide us with their articles, but also would kindly
comment on previously published materials. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the first issue of the Journal is dedicated to the research papers of postgraduate students and young scientists, presented in the scientific conference of postgraduates and young scientists In Memoriam of A. Pochinok, held from 13 to 18 March, 2015. It is not a coincidence, that the first issue of the Journal is associated with the memory of Alexander Pochinok, a prominent Russian statesman, who was Minister of Labour and a famous economist. Mr. Pochinok knew to combine his state service with prolific research activities, he also was a great supporter of Russian State Social University and he did a lot for the University development. I hope that establishing this Journal we make one more step to the better image of the University that Mr. Pochinok desired to see so much.


Maloletko A.N.
Dr. Econ.Sciences, associate Professor, acting Vice-rector for Science RSSU

Kaurova O.V.
Dr. Econ.Sciences, associate Professor, Dean of the faculty of training of scientific and scientific - pedagogical personnel of RSSU

URL address: http://rgsu.net/about/science/publishing/magazine/CPSW/

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